We all like to do this. We get on CoinGecko, and search for tokens that gained large traction over the past month, and fantasise about what we could have done with the absurd amount of profit.
Yet this month was an exception for me since one of the tokens I hold was included in that list. Sylo (SYLO) has shot up by around 74% in the last month, which I thought would be too much to be a lucky coincidence.
So, me being me, I checked out the project to see what most likely has caused the positive price action.

Sylo has performed at a peak of +74% in the past month. At the time of writing, it has increased by about 71.1% since 30 days ago.

Blockchain-focused Venture Studio Master Ventures announced an investment in Unido’s Polkadot-based enterprise platform. The Hong Kong-based firm is known for its successful spinouts, which include Crypto Exchange Alliance, House of DAO, and PAID Network. It is now confident in Unido’s appeal to investors just joining the crypto markets as well as its utility to crypto-native companies.

Unido consists of a custody service that provides security and offers services that are compatible with other popular blockchain networks. Users can consolidate their holdings in a single place while having access to important features through a central dashboard. …

Moonwhale Ventures, a blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused venture capital based in Singapore, has recently decided to invest in Unido — a Polkadot-based platform that enables cryptocurrency banking and DeFi for enterprises. The news comes during one of the most fundamentally bullish times in the cryptocurrency market, as Elon Musk’s Tesla decided to invest 1.5 billion USD into Bitcoin, and as MasterCard has revealed that it plans to accept a few key cryptocurrencies.

Vendetta Capital, an investment group known for its multi-discretionary team with deep experience and highly selective criteria, has shown its vote of confidence in Unido’s cryptocurrency asset management platform for enterprises. The news of this partnership comes as part of the recent series that unveiled a list of high-profile venture capitals that have decided to support Unido.

As DeFi has taken the market by a storm since last year, Vendetta Capital has witnessed both the potential of DeFi and the struggles involved for any institutions that wish to leverage a portion of their operations on DeFi to reap the benefits…

Before I begin, I’d like to start by saying that the only reason behind my anonymity is to simply keep the theme behind my Medium account. I think those who participated in the Exeedme Beta Testers competition will most likely be able to tell who I am, based on my introduction.
Here is my honest testimonial on the Exeedme Beta.

Disclaimer: This testimonial is written purely out of my own experience. I am not in any way financially incentivized to write this, and thus have maintained this review to be as objective as possible.

Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

To introduce myself, I am a…

Early-stage blockchain investor and marketing company, Tokenomik, is partnering with Unido, a crypto asset management platform. The partnership is set to aid Unido’s ongoing development with fast and committed capital as well as key industry connections that unlock its potential.

As institutional money continues to flood crypto markets, Tokenomik sees a great opportunity for an all-in-one asset management platform on the blockchain as a convenient tool for crypto-native companies, asset managers, and investors alike. The firm’s decision is based on its commitment to bring bulge-bracket level financial and technical analysis to useful projects such as Unido.

Unido improves upon both…

AU21 Capital, a crypto investment firm committed to “backing the most brilliant founders in blockchain” announced its investment in Unido. Previous AU21 investments include industry leaders such as Binance, Polkadot, and Synthetix. Its co-founders, Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang, have led one of the largest Bitcoin mining operations and served as VP at Huobi Global, respectively.

The team at AU21 understands the potential in Unido’s platform to cater to an inflow of asset managers and enterprises who are resorting to blockchain solutions. …

Decentralised Finance, popularised by the likes of Uniswap, Compound, and Synthetix, has enabled retail investors to lend their crypto assets in exchange for interest payments — and it should for the same for enterprises as well! This attractive opportunity to utilise idle crypto assets to make a return has grown massively in the last 12 months and yet, access to this opportunity has been restricted to a niche of tech-savvy retail crypto adopters and has meant enterprise investors simply miss out on the benefits.

Unlike crypto-savvy retail investors, institutional investors such as crypto asset managers and crypto-native businesses, wishing to…

With founding team members coming from well-known multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs, Unido has been benefiting from a unique set of advantages that allow it to aim for solving real-life, real-enterprise problems with current impact.

One of the most profound problems in the current industries is in the supply chain. During the earlier days, the founders have witnessed issues related to transparency and goods sign-off within key supply chains.

This is why one of the first set of enterprise-level solutions that Unido brings is set to revolutionize the way enterprises interact with their supply chains.

The Transparency Issue

In many…

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