Honest Testimonial: Exeedme Beta

Before I begin, I’d like to start by saying that the only reason behind my anonymity is to simply keep the theme behind my Medium account. I think those who participated in the Exeedme Beta Testers competition will most likely be able to tell who I am, based on my introduction.
Here is my honest testimonial on the Exeedme Beta.

Disclaimer: This testimonial is written purely out of my own experience. I am not in any way financially incentivized to write this, and thus have maintained this review to be as objective as possible.

Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

To introduce myself, I am a passionate 21 years old gamer who mostly plays CS:GO. I was introduced to blockchain and crypto by a friend in late 2020. Exact same friend introduced me to Exeedme, and I have started to read about it in December. To be honest, the project looked solid and I have kept an eye on it waiting for the product to be released.
In early January, I got a notification about an announcement that there will be a BETA tester program going on. After reading the article, I saw that there is a chance to play with players that I look up to. I didn’t think I would get selected but I still tried to compete as the reward was really amazing and appealing.

In the early days, I had quite a lot of problems with the Treasure Hunt. The challenge was properly designed and you really needed to put in an effort to be placed in the first 20 winners. For me, it was really hard and I still honestly don’t know if I won any of them. As Treasure Hunt presented a challenge for me, I tried to do better on the Twitter challenge so I structured a proper tweet that I hoped would generate a lot of XP for me.

The main advantage I had versus other users is the showcase of my CS:GO skills. I play a lot so I already knew what kind of video I needed to submit. I tried my best in the matches that I was recording and formated a video that looked a bit like an amateur frag movie. After submission, I waited for news not really expecting anything.

There comes the date and I am selected as one of the winners. I was really excited as I was selected for Team Stadodo. In the first match we were selected to play versus Team Tweeday and I got nervous. This was my first time playing on Twitch stream and I was also playing versus some players that are better than me.
We played my favorite map which is de_Dust. After the first couple of rounds, I got really comfortable and the pressure didn’t get to me. We won 16:4 and Stadodo was a really great, patient leader in the game.
The next challenge would be Team D0cC in the final. We knew that the match will be a tough one as they have previously made a comeback versus Team Arki. The map that was selected was de_inferno which isn’t my favorite map at all. Stadodo said that we need to play slowly and patiently. As he was the leading guy, we listened to his advice and eventually won 16:8. I must say that I was really fortunate to be playing with those guys.

Everything during the event worked without problems and those kinds of competitions should continue in the future. It is really nice to play with some players that are known on an international level and have a chance to test something new. The last reward that I got was a unique, one-of-a-kind NFT that was minted to everyone who got first place.

During the games, we had to deal with the beta Exeedme platform. It is a pretty straightforward product with some added features like the NFT marketplace and tracking of your XED rewards that you have earned. There were no major bugs and with some polishing Exeedme has a chance to become a big player in the gaming industry.

Thank you Exeedme and best of luck

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